Friday 29 June 2018

It was a pleasure to work together!!!

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         THE WORK IS DONE!       

Two years with the project was a time of hard work which allowed for the exchange of experiences and practices, better understand the needs of students with SEN, learn new methods of working. We have familiarized ourselves with education systems and educational regulations regarding SEN pupils in Europe. The partnership meetings allowed us to get to know the culture,  history and tradition of the visited countries. We've gained new friends.

Equipped with new knowledge and skills, we believe that our work with SEN students will be more effective and bring us more satisfaction. We hope that the experience gained will allow us to engage students more easily in teaching process and make learning easier and more enjoyable for them. Sharing the results through internet tools, we believe that our colleagues and institutions will also benefit from our work and experiences.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the project.
See you in the next project!


Time to evaluate the effectiveness of the project. We ask students and teachers about their feelings about the project being carried out. That’s the results…


The last Transnational Project Meeting in Bulgaria

The last partners’ meeting was hold in Sofia, Bulgaria. Partners showed films and presentations about most effective and innovative methods of working with SEN students in their schools. We presented the result of the survey for SEN students “How to you like learning?’. Partners discussed and compared the score line.
We talk through and presented legal regulation about teaching SEN students in each country.
All this outcomes are available in the blog.
The coordinator Laura presented the assumptions of the final report. We distributed the last tasks between the partners.

The last meeting was also the time to summaries the work has done during two years of common cooperation. We have a feeling of a well-fulfilled task. The assumptions of the project have been implemented. We have completed all the phrases assumed in the application.

The Bulgarian Kirdengarden's preapred the special show for the gusest. Was Amazing!!!
Thank you💜💜💜

What are the most effective methods with SEN students in our schools? Have a look…